CareHands HomeCare

Don’t just take our word for it — see what the rest of Prince William County and Fairfax County is saying about CareHands HomeCare!

“When I was in need of help after my medical procedure, CareHands was there to help. Not only was everybody courteous, but they all paid very close attention to every detail and request I had asked for. They arrived perfectly on time and was there to make sure I received the care I needed. Everybody was very professional in their work, dress, and attention they presented. I highly recommend CareHands to anyone seeking medical or any in-home assistance and I would enjoy the help of CareHands again. “

Kimberly W. (Fairfax VA)



“After my mother checked out of the hospital, we were all nervous and scared on what the next step would be to take care of her. But, I found CareHands and immediately made a call to setup a home visit right away. Not only did they make the schedule as soon as possible as I needed them to, I was also very politely greeted.

Carehands completely reassured me and my family that this journey would be easy and only get better. I was also assisted with a caregiver right away. 

Despite the pain my mother was going through and how nervous she was that she would fall or need to go back to the emergency room, she was constantly reassured and carefully watched in order to begin to feel comfortable and safe right away. 

I would like to thanks CareHands once again for their support and care, and am completely at ease knowing I could always give them a call. “

Lauren C. (Woodbridge VA)



“I don’t even know where to begin to thank CareHands Homecare. Their patience, full attention, and care was beyond amazing. 

My father is not an easy person, his outgoing personality along with his social charm had quickly spiraled into a fear of being in the hands of a stranger. But, our caregiver was able to soothe him and create an understanding with him to let him know he was in control and in good hands. 

They were able to help clean the house, monitor him, help him run errands, and even assist him with his bills, all in a manner that kept him feelings safe and happy. 

Thank you so much CareHands, for treating my father and I with such compassion and decency. Definitely five stars and beyond from me.”

Bryan W. (Manassas VA)



“Last Summer my mother fell and broke her ankle, and had to receive a cast. Once she arrived home she was going to be in need of some help. She is currently 86 and pretty independent, but can be difficult and grumpy at times.

Our caregiver, Tiffany, from CareHands Homecare  is amazing. She assisted with helping my mom to shower, prep meals, and visit her doctors well.

My mother explains personal issues along with her caregiver, knowing they will be kept discreet, unless harm or danger is involved.

For example, my mother refused to use her cane and discussed this with Tiffany, and she was able to give us details in order to give her the help and assistance she needed.

We expressed our frustration and the team was able to help my mother to use her cane again with the full help and support. 

I am incredibly thankful for the people like Tiffany and her team out there to help families when a loved one is in need of assistance.”

Hanny L. (Gainesville VA )



“When my wife checked out of the emergency room, I was nervous on how I would be able to care for her.

I contacted CareHands Homecare late at night, and was surprised the owner, Jason, immediately answered the phone and had scheduled a home meeting as soon as possible.

He calmed my nerves and matched a perfect caregiver to my wife that would be available that night to help us.

Although my wife was in pain and nervous about falling again. Mary was super helpful in getting us through the night.

CareHands has been a real life saver and a big thank you to Jason and Mary for their quick, easy and courteous homecare.

I completely recommend CareHands Homecare to my family members, close friends, and neighbors who may be in need of help from somebody like family. ”   

Harry J. (Alexandria VA )