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If you want to make sure your elderly mom or dad has the part-time or full-time care they need as they recover from their surgery, consider hiring a home care aide. Seniors need every advantage when it comes to a full and complete recovery, and hiring a home care assistant can provide the assistance and companionship they really need at a time when they are their most vulnerable.


Seniors Need Help To Recover From Surgery

During the time after returning home from surgery, seniors must abide by the doctor’s orders for treatment and recovery. Usually, post-op patients need to take medicine and avoid sitting around all day. If they don’t get up and move a little, they could develop bed sores, nerve damage or blood clots in the legs.

Post-surgery seniors will be unable to do a lot of things for themselves, such as pick up prescriptions and medications, shop for groceries, prepare meals, bathe, dress and clean the house. If your aging mom or dad is unable to do all these things, their recovery could be in jeopardy. Unless you or another family member is planning on spending a lot of time with them, they will somehow have to manage all this on their own.


How Elder Care Assistants Can Help Seniors Post-Op

From the critical first 24-hours at home after a surgical procedure to the long weeks and months of recovery, elderly adults often have an uphill battle. Their safety and well-being are important, as is following all the recommendations from the doctor to ensure optimum recovery. From pain management and mobility to personal care and companionship, elderly adults often need an elder care service now more than ever.

When an elder care aide is present, seniors don’t have to struggle as much to take care of themselves. They’ll have a professional on hand to remind them about medication and physical therapy, cook nutritious meals for them and assist them in whatever tasks they need, such as housekeeping and personal care. In addition, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your aging mom or dad has someone there in case they have a problem or experience a slip and fall. If you or another close family member are not able to provide the post-op care for your aging relative, an elder care assistant may be the next best thing.

You know how hard it can be to care for an elderly person in the weeks after surgery. An elder care assistant is a right choice for that difficult recovery time. They’ll be there for both you and your recovering relative, bringing a professionalism and expertise that benefits everyone.


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