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How Can You Better Manage Caregiver Guilt?

Feeling guilty about decisions that you’ve made or situations that are beyond your control is extremely common as a caregiver. It can also be paralyzing, which doesn’t help you at all.


Think Through Your Decisions

When you’re spending a good bit of your time putting out proverbial fires, it’s tough to know whether that decision you just made was the right one or not. If you’re not giving yourself the time you need to make educated decisions you’re going to jump at the first option that presents. You don’t have to do that to yourself. Educate yourself as much as you can about what is going on and then give yourself time to think through the options.


Consciously Use the Word “No”

Most caregivers don’t want to disappoint anyone. Being a caregiver is about being supportive, after all, and saying “no” to everything all the time kind of defeats that purpose. But you can’t say “yes” to everything and a well-timed “no” is going to give you mental and physical space in which to make some better decisions. You have to have boundaries in order to maintain your own health as a caregiver.


Take Breaks More Often

Another tool that you need to employ as a caregiver is the break. If you’re not already taking several smaller breaks a day when you can start doing so. These can be five minutes here and there to take a deep breath. But don’t forget that you need longer bits of time away, too. Hiring elder care providers helps to ensure that you have an afternoon to yourself and that your senior is in good hands.


Build up Your Support Network

Having a support system for yourself is vital as a caregiver. You may be lucky enough to have a large group of friends and other family members who are there for you, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You can build your own support network of other caregivers from support groups, home care providers, and professionals who understand what caregiving is all about. They can help you to get through some of your tougher days.

Overall, you need to practice being kinder to yourself. Being a caregiver is a difficult job and it’s not going to become easier if you’re nitpicking every single thing that you do. Give yourself grace and space to be the best caregiver you can be with the circumstances that you have.

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