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How to Help Elderly Relatives with Seasonal Allergies

While spring is a delightful time of year, it can cause a lot of problems for those that suffer from seasonal allergies.

Elderly adults can be severely affected by allergies, especially when they are also dealing with other health issues. Sometimes, the typical medications to treat seasonal allergies, such as antihistamines, can bring on side effects that are unhealthy for seniors.


It’s important for family caregivers to do everything they can to find ways to help their elderly relatives with their seasonal allergies.

Everyone that helps take care of the aging adult, like other family members, home care aides and neighbors, should also work on minimizing the effects of allergies. While they may not be able to prevent them or make them go away, everyone can work to make the aging person more comfortable.

Seasonal allergies are caused by the pollen that is released into the air during warm weather. Elderly adults can develop allergies just like younger people and it’s even possible for seniors who have never had allergies to suddenly start to suffer. Family caregivers should never assume that their aging loved one will never get allergies, as they can come on at any age.

Allergy symptoms can make even the toughest person miserable. With sneezing, itching eyes, itching throat and runny nose, the symptoms can seriously disrupt an elderly adult’s quality of life. When family caregivers or home care assistants notice these symptoms coming on, they need to make arrangements for a doctor’s visit.


It might seem like an easy solution for a family caregiver to just give some allergy medicine to their aging relative.

However, seniors should never take over-the-counter antihistamines for their allergies before consulting with a doctor. The side effects of such medications can be very dangerous for the elderly. The interaction with some common medicines for chronic illnesses and age-related conditions can cause real problems. All allergy relief medication must be cleared or prescribed by a doctor.

Family caregivers and home care aides can do a lot to keep the elderly person out of the warm weather pollen. During the warm months, they should keep the doors and windows closed. Even though they may desire to catch a refreshing breeze, it just lets pollen blow throughout the home. Family caregivers and home care aides should also keep the elderly adult indoors on days that have a high pollen count. If they do go outside, seniors should wash their hands, take off their shoes and shed any outer layers they were wearing. Family members and home care aides should do the same to prevent carrying pollen inside.

Seasonal allergies are nothing to sneeze at, and they can make an elderly person completely miserable. It’s a good idea for family caregivers to help their loved ones deal with the symptoms of seasonal allergies as best they can under the supervision of a doctor.

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